Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Halloween Horror

All Hallow's Eve has never been so fun....
It was just nine years after the dawning of a new era(er, century), and two friends had decided that Saturday the Thirty-First was the best day to see each other once more. One, we shall call her Kinga, for that was her real name, decided to invite the other, who we shall call Mimi(for that was her real name) for an evening of horror and fright. She went on a very small shopping spree and decided to decorate one room on her home's second floor (a home that was the oldest in the neighborhood, that had a closet with unexplained holes on its floors and walls, and an attic that was mysteriously missing most of its floorboards). So she did. She made a spider and a gory zombie head, strung the doorway with crepe paper and fake cobwebs, hung the spider in the middle of the dark room and the head in the strategical doorway, baked spooky cookies, covered the tables with black garbage bags and plastered little black paper bats all over the walls. (side note: I'd planned all these spooky sound effects but it didn't work out) She would wait till darkness....
So Mimi came over around 5 o'clock. It was still light then, and the two girls played bastetball in Kinga's alley. It was here that they found the first piece of the puzzle. For half an hour later, five black-clad teenage boys with the smirks and slicked back hair that only a delinquent can possibly look good in were striding closer to the lair of the two girls. (And look good they did...) They crossed from the alley across the street, and when it was clear they were headed into the girls' territory they rushed into Kinga's yard to spy on them. The boys passed without a second glance at Kinga's garage or the little red zinnia Mimi had left on the trash can. The girls ran back into the alley... just in time to see the five boys disappear through the gate of the constrruction site at the end of the alley. One boy slipped into the bright orange porta potty standing right outside the gate. The rest entered the site.
The girls exchanged glances. Ooh boy this was getting good and it could only get better. At the moment they weren't too excited by 5 kids, but all that would later change drastically.
Darkness began to fall slowly over the barren wasteland of a city called Chicago. Trick or treaters were in every possible spot you could imagine them in. Mimi and Kinga dressed up in their wigs and fake hands and fake noses and everything in between. Kinga had donned a ranbow clown wig, a sparkly cat mask, the blinking Rudolph nose from the kindergarten Christmas play, and the right rubber monster hand. Mimi was wearing her 80's wig, a Phantom of the Opera mask, and the left rubber monster hand. The two went trick or treating to about five or so houses, but then they noticed that the five boys(who had left earlier) had come back again. Still clad in black North Face jackets, dark jeans, and ebony winter hats, they swaggered through the alley towards the Domain of the Porta Potty. They fooled around it and the site(where Kinga's neighbors are currently building a house) so the two brave(and adventure seeking) girls set off in the guys' general direction, trying with all theri might to act like a pair of crazy laughing trick or treaters. They passed by their lair a few times, enough for them to see that the girls were up to no good, so Mimi and Kinga went home and changed disguises, Mimi donning the clown wig, Kinga the blond 80's set of hair, and switching rubber monster hands. They set off again and followed the five mysterious boys when they left the site. Unfortunately their adventures ended when the boys crossed the street to a place where Kinga's mother had strictly forbidden them to go.
Next, they decided to be mannequins. If thou hast ever watched AFV thou shalt know what I am talking about. They stayed really still, at least they tried to, but they giggled and twitched and even, in Kinga's case, farted once, really loudly. Oops. Anyhoo, no helpless trick or treaters were scared by their evil genius plan.
Then it came time for.... THE SCARY STORIES! Kinga had written a few of her own and Mimi had brought her book of stories. Together they went upstairs, but Kinga went first. Mimi was really scared when she was coming up, it was so dark and Kinga forbade her to turn on any lights. Remember the gory decorations mentioned earlier. 'Nuff said.
The two sat beneath the blanket, reading scary stories with Kinga's flashlight, scaring each other silly(in the case of Mimi, she was getting really scared). Out of the blueish blackness Kinga got an idea. Or maybe it was just a random accident. Anyhoo, she put her hand onto the flashlight, making it a gory red. Oooh. What makes it even gory-er? When Mimi did the same, a series of letters, mainly Y's and I's, appeared amidst the redness. For a while, the two madly thought Mimi was possesed by something(or someone). Turns out it was just Mimi's veins.
This was the BEST ever Halloween! EVER!
How was you Halloween?


on halloween, i went over to kiki's house! Boy did we have fun!!!! it was a day of spying on a couple of dudes who were in kiki's alley fooling around by another neighbor's porta potty... We spied on them for a while, which may seem weird......, and didnt really solve anything. By dressing up as insane 80's ladies wih extreme wigs and weird monster hands, we went around her blog to trick or treat.... we didnt go to a million houses...having others thing planned as well...Once it got very dark,,,, which it kinda did quickly, we went around the neigborhood and started following the dudes, but it turned out that they may have been following us. That was weird, but after a while they disappearead somewhere....SPOOKY...actually they just went to on a different street. Trying to be the natural comedians we already were (funny right?) me and kiki, or kiki and I, (however you wanna say it) went on kiki's steps/front porch we tried out best to act very still dressed up as dolls/ manicans, having kiki hold the candy bowl and scare some innocent trick or treaters. If you watch America's funniest home videos, you could see how this should really be done! But unfortunately we giggled and moved to much so people knew what was going on...oh mannn..... Halloween was also a day of scary stories. Kiki held her hands under a flashlight, nothing peculiar, then i did, and on my hands was a weird looking "y" which seemed creepy. I thought i was possesed for a second (i watch too many sci fi movies!). Me and kiki got pretty scared, but it turened out that it was just my weird lookin' vein. I have to add that all that commotion and scary story telling, made me get the feeling that someone was by us (we had a blanket over us and couldnt see anything!) But there was no one there! Let's see...anything else...oh yah! Kiki kept on scaring her brother when he was on the computer by grabbing him on the shoulders with disgusting fake monster hands! haha! that was funny! And everytime kiki did that he jumped.....every time! it was one of the best days ever!!!!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Farty McFart Fart Fart(or is it farty mcfart fart fart fart fart?)

Okay, when I went over to Mimi's house we were somehow inspired to create our own show. We called it Farty McFart Fart Fart, and at first we just made farting noises. Really loud. So loud, in fact, that her neighbors complained. Oops! Then we just did a talk show. We recorded it on our digital cameras. Using a Dasani water bottle as a microphone, we interviewed each other, arguing about using the bathroom(whats that? I use the washroom! etc.). Overall, HILARIOUS!! We used British accents that faded over time so half the show we were using different voices. Its hard not to crack up while watching it!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our own show....Farty mc fart fart

Kiki went over to my house one day and we had a brilliant idea, our own show!!!!! it never worked out too well, by that i mean that we never posted it online or anything, but it was truly funny! We used a plastis Dasani water bottle as ur microphone. Each taking turns being the host we asked each other a series of questions. Must i say that we were talking in british accents which were not extremely bad, but they were a bit weird. We asked a question which may be a bit disturbing to most people.....How many times do you use the bathroom?.....that was hilarious when we were doing the show. We had a blast! who knew that talking in british accents while on a "show" would be so much fun!!!!! It truly was a whole lot of fun!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Block Party Water Fight From Kiki's Point of View...

A picture of Kris and Karol

Who knew that a simple, plastic water bottle could start something so great? I certainly didn’t. Neither did Mimi. It all started one Saturday in July, at my block party. Our neighbor Kris (who is in college) came over to be with my brother. My other neighbor supplied Mimi and me with countless water balloons. Our goal: to throw one at Karol (my bro). When that proved unsuccessful we threw some at both Karol and Kris. They mostly bounced off and didn’t break. I don’t remember whose earthly idea it was to do such a thing, but Mimi and I got water bottles. One each, to drink from. On the spur of the moment I ran past Kris as he was playing ping-pong/table tennis with Karol and sloshed a bucketful (or a-fourth-of-a-water-bottle-full) onto Kris. Mimi did not want to as she liked him (Kris). (Later it turned out that she just liked the pants he wore. Who knew?) At that very moment, in an outrage, Kris whirled around and with a smile on his face declared war. He ran to his house to get his water guns. (Who knew that a college kid still has water guns, especially when the better part of his usual day is spent playing computer games?) My brother followed. Mimi and I equipped some old and broken guns for ourselves. Later my dad gave us the hose.
Kris had a shield of sorts. We tried stealing some of their weapons unsuccessfully. All of us got soaked to the bone but thankfully, it was a hot July day.
Mimi and I used our water guns, a basin, the hose, and our water bottles. When our water supply winded down our flip flops as well as the water bottles did come in handy. The alley was our battle front, and my neighbor’s car was unfortunately parked right next to our battle station. It received a good watering but got cleaned as well.
Kris and Karol had a selection of much more modern weapons as well as a handy shield. Of course when they took over the hose all hell broke loose but soon we managed to retrieve it from them.
Duh-nun-tat-un…. Cue image of Charlie’s Angels picture….
Gals, hitch up your pants and win! Which, I suppose you might say we did. Or did not. That remains either a mystery or a matter of opinion. Or just whether or not your brain is equipped with the function of logic.
Also, as Mimi said, we sort of "stalked" them as well as my cousin when they went for a walk. That's only because before they went on a walk and no one could find them for a long time.
As I look back on the day now in my sweater and vest I remeber the warmth of July. I am now in the frigid depths of a Chicago September.

Water Fight at Kiki's House!!!!!

Ok....hilarious new story! ok so there was a block party at Kiki's block, and i came over. At first we were helping out with the games for the kids then a neightbor of kiki's came over. He was Karol's friend. His name was Chris....and i had a crush on him. It resulted in telling kiki im crazy over him. she couldnt belive me but it was loooove..... lol. I also almost got run over by a person on a bike because i wasnt paying attention at all! that was embarrasing becasue it was right in front of him. My face was prbably like a distorted pumpkin....oh well. so he saw me...Ok so after i announced that i was in love, we followed them to the backyard. (very stalkerish right?) We had an inventory of water ballons from kiki's friends and wanted to use them to our advantage, well kiki started throwing them at her brother karol, who was playing a game of ping pong with chris, but they rarely popped. So then in a desperate atempt to catch his attention, she had a water botltle...guess what she did....u guessed.....she threw water at him and it was officially WAR!!! he went home to get his inventory of water guns. With the help of kiki's dad we got the water guns too! we also had a whole bucket of water which we poured at them too. then the war of water started. It was a game of two on two. after getting drenched!! in water, we still kept going. Butt me and kiki has a very large advantage!!!! A GARDEN HOSE!!! They got SOAKED! like seriously, it was hilarious though. This all occured in the alley. (must i add that we got the neigbbors car extremely wet too. Everything looked like a horrible rain storm had occured. sonce we were in the alley we forgot one very important thing!!!The thingie that turns the water on and off for the hose was in front of the house. we were on the other side. Then karol went away, and guess what , we were too preoccupied with getting chris soaked that we didnt think this was important. so guess what karol did!!!!! he turned off the water, leaving us only our wits and water guns to help us breakthrough. we went back into the backyard (somehow! it all happened so fast) and had a bucket of water. i took the bucket and quickly (like a ninja) went to chris and poured all that water on him. kiki's mom was watching and she was laughing. he llooked like a wet rat!!!!!! it was hilarious. i was laughing so hard with kiki, so me and kiki continued the war. i forgot who won but it was soo much fun! i also forgot to add that when carol and chris went to "reload" their water guns at his house, kiki made me hind behind a garbage can (which was horrible to be by, i smelled dead fish mixed with other disgusting stuff) so it was a lot of fun. then it was nightime and karol and chris and kiki's cousin went to take a walk somewhere and we followed them after a while. we were hiding behind trees and trying to take pictures. we purposely ran into them a few times which was hilarious....well thats just about all i can say right now........hope u enjoyed!!!!! ooppps. liitle error ....his name is actually spelled kris!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Here are the solutions to the riddles:
"I am taken from a mine, shut into a wooden case, and am never realeased- yet everybody uses me. What am I?" PENCIL LEAD
"What is round as a dishpan, deep as a tub but oceans can't fill it up?"  A SIEVE

Did you figure it out? Leave us a comment and tell us.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Riddle To Ponder...

Or rather, two. I'll give you the answers on Saturday.
" I am taken from a mine, shut into a wooden case, and am never realeased- yet everybody uses me. What am I?"
" What is round as a dishpan, deep as a tub but oceans can't fill it up?"

Again the answers in a few days!

Monday, September 7, 2009


for the mystery you are supposed to fgure out why the man does what is said in the mystery, but here is the answer,
he is a midget (better way of saying it: geneticall small person) who cant reach the 11 and 12 buttons, but when it rains he uses and umbrealla to put in the nu,mber 12.

Friday, September 4, 2009

A funny mystery at school......

ok, so today in language arts class my teacher mr.collins read us a really hard mystery and i was wondering if u guys could guess it (the mystery is from a site he found) .....ill give the answer in a few it is:

A man lives on the twelfth floor of an apartment building. Every morning he wakes up, gets dressed, eats, goes to the elevator, takes it down to the lobby, and leaves the building for work. In the evening, he goes through the lobby to the elevator, and, if there is someone else in the elevator (or if it was raining that day) he goes back to his floor directly. However, if there is nobody else in the elevator and it hasn't rained, he goes to the 10th floor and walks up two flights of stairs to his room.

can you guess the answer? (it took my class an hour to figure it out)

_happy mysteries_

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Luscious, Succulent, Delicious Brownie... what more can I say?

A busy city gal needs time to indulge, right? This microwave brownie can be made in five minutes and is best served warm, by itself. Add vanilla ice cream and you've got a clashing of delicious flavors, warm and cold all mushed up together, perfect for an anytime, anywhere treat. Works great afterschool, after dance class or after just about anything! It had relatively simple ingredients, so just about everybody can try them right now! The recipe is from an old Chicago Tribune article. Enjoy! (P.S. can be eaten off the floor, off the carpet and off the table if spilled.)

Mircrowave Brownies:

-4 tablespoons flour
-4 tablespoons sugar
-2 tablespoons cocoa
-dash salt
-2 tablespoons vegetable oil
-2 tablespoons water
-1/4 teaspoon vanilla

Mix all together in a microwave safe bowl or mug. My microwave is wacky so I only need about forty five seconds but you experiment with your own to see how long. I'd say you try for 30 seconds first, then check if it seems all right. Voila!
Also there is a recipe for microwave chocolate cake, the picture above is of the cake. I'll give you the recipe for the cake one day soon.
Also, neither of these recipes are mine or Mimi's, but you should have seen Mimi's face when I served her the brownie... absolute dee-lish!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kiki's Video Game Review: James Bond 007 Nightfire

Both of us have this game, me for my PS2 and Mimi for her Gamecube . We always play the Multiplayer option. It is really amazing and fun,except I'm not too good at it. Um.... not being a video game fanatic, especially not one who adores shooting games, I don't have much to say. Now a book review is another thing...
OK. Concentrate. Um... Well, I'm the best with Pistols weapon set but Explosives One and the one with the Golden Gun are cool too. Ah it's the MI6 Operative. See, I told you I suck at this...
But over-all the multiplayer is a great way to beat your brother's butt at shooting games(I wish...)

A review on a great game..........

hEY!!! ok so this post will be about a video game me and kiki both have. it started off when i got the game for christmas (i think). and then i told kiki all about it and she got the game and we played forever. i personally love the game. my version is for ps3 and kiki's is for ps2. i like them all! the game is about lara croft tomb raider underworld. lara croft goes on a quest to find out what happened to her dead father. she goes to places all over the world, mainly underworlds in mexico, arctic sea, south america, etc. she would go through underworlds which her father had been in and found different things that have deadly powers. But for those of you who are familiar with the lar croft series, what is an adventure without any villains. well......lara encounters villans such as undead creatures, vikings, all sorts of wild animals and even mercenaries.... (trust they are wilddddd). she does a lot of acrobatic things which i find impressive. and i highly dought this game if=s for for the faint-hearted because in a scene a ginormous (seriosluy) guant squid or octopus thingamajig and i literally was a itsy bt close to fallng off my bed when playing. i mean come on, how many times do you encounter a giant squid popping out in the middle of nowhere. lets just say that level (meditteranean sea) freaked me out.........a lot, but believe me i love a good fright...... continuing on...... Another part of the game i love is the fact that you can move freely and can go ANYWHERE unlike most other games where a invisble border blocks your way off into the jungle. there was a level where you battle these mercenaries on a ship, and it was awesome! i used to be terrified of gunshots in video games, and attacking overall, but now i love it! it is for me the best game ever! i cant wait until i see the next one.......

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny Story from the point of Kiki...

A loud thud reaches our ears. Then another. And another. At first, we ignore it, but then we pick up a garbage can and whatever other “weapons” we can find. I carry a heavy trash can. Mimi grabs a butcher knife from the kitchen. Then, together, we check both doors and glance out the sliding window to the balcony. So far, so good. No one is there trying to break into her apartment. So we bring our weapons back to her room and pick up the game controllers again. Soon, the sound starts again. We check the windows. Glancing out the open window in her parents’ bedroom, we see a man with a mysterious plastic bag sitting next to him and a crow bar in his hands. All the grates along the back entryway to the apartments were open! Our immediate thought was a break-in, as these grates lead to the basements which had been ransacked before. I questioned Mimi if she knew of any repairs going on, but after racking her brains she got nada. So she grabbed her digital camera and started recording him. Sliding his crowbar under an un-opened grate directly across from Mimi’s apartment, the man looked ever so criminal as he glanced surreptitiously around him. Whispering between ourselves, Mimi noted that the grates had keys to open them, so a repair-man was out of the question. While I held her camera for her she phoned her parents, who were out shopping. Murmuring to me that her dad was on the way, we leaned back away from the window as the man looked all around him yet again. We decided, if the situation turned critical, we would go out there to confront him ourselves! Now, we noted that the man, and a number of other repairmen-looking people milling around were Mexican (no offense, anyone!). As Mimi left the room to check one thing, I saw an old gray-haired man walk by, and then tried to explain him to Mimi. We were beginning to doubt more and more that this was a real break-in, but our hearts still fluttered in fear. Soon we saw Mimi’s dad approaching and we ran back to the safety of her bedroom. When he came in, it turned out that they were repairmen after all! So Mimi decided to delete the video (unfortunately), and then we laughed. It was funny, and the next time we met we talked about what we would have done had this been a real robbery. A little adventure….

Funny little story to tell......the case of the fake burglar and crazy mind

Ok, day me and kiki, met up at my apartment. my parents went shopping for a while and my mom left me her cell phone. We were playing A James Bond game and we started to hear noises, obviosly sspicios. me and kiki went to my mom and dad's bedroom and saw a mexican (no offense to anyone) from he window on the sidewalk. he was by the little window or vent things that came from the basement. and belive it or not, it looked as if he was trying to rob the place. well i mean come on he was using his feet and kicking at it. so i call my dad and tell him. we videotaped the thing but it turned out to be a maintenance guy repairing stuff, well at least we were careful about it! lol! it was pretty funny though, we were like mini detectives. we sure had a great laugh about it. i hope that happens again, but i hope we wont be so positive that it really was a burglar. lol........

Monday, August 24, 2009

Me and kiki,

"My life"
My life is silent
dead as a tree
but then there are times
when I see
someone in my life
looking over me
knowing who i am
then i see
my life is a dream
growing deep inside of me
no matter what they say
i know
who i am
in my heart
i know
there will always be
a piece of my heart
reserved for you

BFF poem

Best Friends
As we sit together
On the steps
Fiddling with our fingers as we
She hugs me
And tells me
“we’re bff’s forever!”
I smile,
Knowing it’s the truth
And say
“yes… forever”

The Tale of Kiki...

My name is Kinga, or Kiki for short. Just a fun fact about my name: it is Hungarian from the Old German Kunegunda. I'm a 12 year old girl with dreams bigger than the sky and hopes as furry as the snout of a dog, for my future. I am a writer, and a poet. I was born and raised in Chicago, but both my parents emigrated from Poland. So it is safe to say I am Polish! I have visited Poland quite a few times. I live near my BFF, my other half, the cap to my bottle, the left eye when I am the right one! Mimi knows me, and all of the nooks and crannies in my heart, as she has spent nearly 8 years or so deep within it. Basically, we are BFF's!! That's all there is to it. I love to read. If you were to spy on me you would learn that 1) I spend most of my time with my nose in a book, 2) that is probably why I am so pale, and 3) I love dogs and wish for one from the bottom of my heart! The dog in the picture above is not mine(unfortunately), but he was for adoption a few months ago. That will also tell you I'm passionate about pet adoption. While I am a city slicker, I must warn you not to underestimate my green thumb. Yes, I like gardening and actually want a farm when I grow up! I also like photography... but unfortunately my range is limited with a Nikon CoolPix, when what I really need is a digital DSLR. With a telephoto lens. And, I occasionally listen to music. And, I knit. And I make cards. And... blah blah blah. I must be boring you. So, that's all there is to me, emitting a few things I would rather no one online knew. I hope you all enjoy the blog of us City Slickers!

The tale of mimi.......

My name is manuela, or mimi for short......a 12 year old girl who has big dreams for the future. I live in Chicago, but was born in Brzesko, Poland! I live near my best friend of all times, Kiki (Kinga). we've been through so much together! She truly unerstands me, and knows who i am deep inside! One of my favorite things to do are listen to music. I love music, and usually listen to it all the time. My family goes on many vacations and i absolutely love dogs. Must i add that i love the beach!!!!!!!!!! i wish one day i could libe near it. i can always e in my most peaceful state of mind when there. I love to shop! what can i say, i live in the city and am used to that. hope u enjoy our blog!