Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Block Party Water Fight From Kiki's Point of View...

A picture of Kris and Karol

Who knew that a simple, plastic water bottle could start something so great? I certainly didn’t. Neither did Mimi. It all started one Saturday in July, at my block party. Our neighbor Kris (who is in college) came over to be with my brother. My other neighbor supplied Mimi and me with countless water balloons. Our goal: to throw one at Karol (my bro). When that proved unsuccessful we threw some at both Karol and Kris. They mostly bounced off and didn’t break. I don’t remember whose earthly idea it was to do such a thing, but Mimi and I got water bottles. One each, to drink from. On the spur of the moment I ran past Kris as he was playing ping-pong/table tennis with Karol and sloshed a bucketful (or a-fourth-of-a-water-bottle-full) onto Kris. Mimi did not want to as she liked him (Kris). (Later it turned out that she just liked the pants he wore. Who knew?) At that very moment, in an outrage, Kris whirled around and with a smile on his face declared war. He ran to his house to get his water guns. (Who knew that a college kid still has water guns, especially when the better part of his usual day is spent playing computer games?) My brother followed. Mimi and I equipped some old and broken guns for ourselves. Later my dad gave us the hose.
Kris had a shield of sorts. We tried stealing some of their weapons unsuccessfully. All of us got soaked to the bone but thankfully, it was a hot July day.
Mimi and I used our water guns, a basin, the hose, and our water bottles. When our water supply winded down our flip flops as well as the water bottles did come in handy. The alley was our battle front, and my neighbor’s car was unfortunately parked right next to our battle station. It received a good watering but got cleaned as well.
Kris and Karol had a selection of much more modern weapons as well as a handy shield. Of course when they took over the hose all hell broke loose but soon we managed to retrieve it from them.
Duh-nun-tat-un…. Cue image of Charlie’s Angels picture….
Gals, hitch up your pants and win! Which, I suppose you might say we did. Or did not. That remains either a mystery or a matter of opinion. Or just whether or not your brain is equipped with the function of logic.
Also, as Mimi said, we sort of "stalked" them as well as my cousin when they went for a walk. That's only because before they went on a walk and no one could find them for a long time.
As I look back on the day now in my sweater and vest I remeber the warmth of July. I am now in the frigid depths of a Chicago September.

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  1. Well, it sounds like you two girls laughed the most, so I'd say you won!!!