Thursday, October 8, 2009

Farty McFart Fart Fart(or is it farty mcfart fart fart fart fart?)

Okay, when I went over to Mimi's house we were somehow inspired to create our own show. We called it Farty McFart Fart Fart, and at first we just made farting noises. Really loud. So loud, in fact, that her neighbors complained. Oops! Then we just did a talk show. We recorded it on our digital cameras. Using a Dasani water bottle as a microphone, we interviewed each other, arguing about using the bathroom(whats that? I use the washroom! etc.). Overall, HILARIOUS!! We used British accents that faded over time so half the show we were using different voices. Its hard not to crack up while watching it!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our own show....Farty mc fart fart

Kiki went over to my house one day and we had a brilliant idea, our own show!!!!! it never worked out too well, by that i mean that we never posted it online or anything, but it was truly funny! We used a plastis Dasani water bottle as ur microphone. Each taking turns being the host we asked each other a series of questions. Must i say that we were talking in british accents which were not extremely bad, but they were a bit weird. We asked a question which may be a bit disturbing to most people.....How many times do you use the bathroom?.....that was hilarious when we were doing the show. We had a blast! who knew that talking in british accents while on a "show" would be so much fun!!!!! It truly was a whole lot of fun!