Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our own show....Farty mc fart fart

Kiki went over to my house one day and we had a brilliant idea, our own show!!!!! it never worked out too well, by that i mean that we never posted it online or anything, but it was truly funny! We used a plastis Dasani water bottle as ur microphone. Each taking turns being the host we asked each other a series of questions. Must i say that we were talking in british accents which were not extremely bad, but they were a bit weird. We asked a question which may be a bit disturbing to most people.....How many times do you use the bathroom?.....that was hilarious when we were doing the show. We had a blast! who knew that talking in british accents while on a "show" would be so much fun!!!!! It truly was a whole lot of fun!


  1. talking in british accents in very fun :D

  2. it is! especially when you get mixed up and it turns into some other accent(thats my favorite part).