Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Halloween Horror

All Hallow's Eve has never been so fun....
It was just nine years after the dawning of a new era(er, century), and two friends had decided that Saturday the Thirty-First was the best day to see each other once more. One, we shall call her Kinga, for that was her real name, decided to invite the other, who we shall call Mimi(for that was her real name) for an evening of horror and fright. She went on a very small shopping spree and decided to decorate one room on her home's second floor (a home that was the oldest in the neighborhood, that had a closet with unexplained holes on its floors and walls, and an attic that was mysteriously missing most of its floorboards). So she did. She made a spider and a gory zombie head, strung the doorway with crepe paper and fake cobwebs, hung the spider in the middle of the dark room and the head in the strategical doorway, baked spooky cookies, covered the tables with black garbage bags and plastered little black paper bats all over the walls. (side note: I'd planned all these spooky sound effects but it didn't work out) She would wait till darkness....
So Mimi came over around 5 o'clock. It was still light then, and the two girls played bastetball in Kinga's alley. It was here that they found the first piece of the puzzle. For half an hour later, five black-clad teenage boys with the smirks and slicked back hair that only a delinquent can possibly look good in were striding closer to the lair of the two girls. (And look good they did...) They crossed from the alley across the street, and when it was clear they were headed into the girls' territory they rushed into Kinga's yard to spy on them. The boys passed without a second glance at Kinga's garage or the little red zinnia Mimi had left on the trash can. The girls ran back into the alley... just in time to see the five boys disappear through the gate of the constrruction site at the end of the alley. One boy slipped into the bright orange porta potty standing right outside the gate. The rest entered the site.
The girls exchanged glances. Ooh boy this was getting good and it could only get better. At the moment they weren't too excited by 5 kids, but all that would later change drastically.
Darkness began to fall slowly over the barren wasteland of a city called Chicago. Trick or treaters were in every possible spot you could imagine them in. Mimi and Kinga dressed up in their wigs and fake hands and fake noses and everything in between. Kinga had donned a ranbow clown wig, a sparkly cat mask, the blinking Rudolph nose from the kindergarten Christmas play, and the right rubber monster hand. Mimi was wearing her 80's wig, a Phantom of the Opera mask, and the left rubber monster hand. The two went trick or treating to about five or so houses, but then they noticed that the five boys(who had left earlier) had come back again. Still clad in black North Face jackets, dark jeans, and ebony winter hats, they swaggered through the alley towards the Domain of the Porta Potty. They fooled around it and the site(where Kinga's neighbors are currently building a house) so the two brave(and adventure seeking) girls set off in the guys' general direction, trying with all theri might to act like a pair of crazy laughing trick or treaters. They passed by their lair a few times, enough for them to see that the girls were up to no good, so Mimi and Kinga went home and changed disguises, Mimi donning the clown wig, Kinga the blond 80's set of hair, and switching rubber monster hands. They set off again and followed the five mysterious boys when they left the site. Unfortunately their adventures ended when the boys crossed the street to a place where Kinga's mother had strictly forbidden them to go.
Next, they decided to be mannequins. If thou hast ever watched AFV thou shalt know what I am talking about. They stayed really still, at least they tried to, but they giggled and twitched and even, in Kinga's case, farted once, really loudly. Oops. Anyhoo, no helpless trick or treaters were scared by their evil genius plan.
Then it came time for.... THE SCARY STORIES! Kinga had written a few of her own and Mimi had brought her book of stories. Together they went upstairs, but Kinga went first. Mimi was really scared when she was coming up, it was so dark and Kinga forbade her to turn on any lights. Remember the gory decorations mentioned earlier. 'Nuff said.
The two sat beneath the blanket, reading scary stories with Kinga's flashlight, scaring each other silly(in the case of Mimi, she was getting really scared). Out of the blueish blackness Kinga got an idea. Or maybe it was just a random accident. Anyhoo, she put her hand onto the flashlight, making it a gory red. Oooh. What makes it even gory-er? When Mimi did the same, a series of letters, mainly Y's and I's, appeared amidst the redness. For a while, the two madly thought Mimi was possesed by something(or someone). Turns out it was just Mimi's veins.
This was the BEST ever Halloween! EVER!
How was you Halloween?


on halloween, i went over to kiki's house! Boy did we have fun!!!! it was a day of spying on a couple of dudes who were in kiki's alley fooling around by another neighbor's porta potty... We spied on them for a while, which may seem weird......, and didnt really solve anything. By dressing up as insane 80's ladies wih extreme wigs and weird monster hands, we went around her blog to trick or treat.... we didnt go to a million houses...having others thing planned as well...Once it got very dark,,,, which it kinda did quickly, we went around the neigborhood and started following the dudes, but it turned out that they may have been following us. That was weird, but after a while they disappearead somewhere....SPOOKY...actually they just went to on a different street. Trying to be the natural comedians we already were (funny right?) me and kiki, or kiki and I, (however you wanna say it) went on kiki's steps/front porch we tried out best to act very still dressed up as dolls/ manicans, having kiki hold the candy bowl and scare some innocent trick or treaters. If you watch America's funniest home videos, you could see how this should really be done! But unfortunately we giggled and moved to much so people knew what was going on...oh mannn..... Halloween was also a day of scary stories. Kiki held her hands under a flashlight, nothing peculiar, then i did, and on my hands was a weird looking "y" which seemed creepy. I thought i was possesed for a second (i watch too many sci fi movies!). Me and kiki got pretty scared, but it turened out that it was just my weird lookin' vein. I have to add that all that commotion and scary story telling, made me get the feeling that someone was by us (we had a blanket over us and couldnt see anything!) But there was no one there! Let's see...anything else...oh yah! Kiki kept on scaring her brother when he was on the computer by grabbing him on the shoulders with disgusting fake monster hands! haha! that was funny! And everytime kiki did that he jumped.....every time! it was one of the best days ever!!!!!!