Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow cone drinks and sledding!

Over winter break, I went over to Kiki's house. There was a whole lot of snow and a whole lot of fun! After having long, long conversations about going sledding, we went sledding. It was a rather large hill. Unfortunately there was a lot of people so we had to go down on the side of the hill, but it was so much fun! There were bumps and it was impossible to ride on them. Not to mention that Kiki was going close to the garbage can once. After about an hour or so of sledding down the hill we went to a baseball field (or was it soccer?) covered in snow(and a little bit of ice). We purposely pushed each other to the ground and had snow EVERYWHERE!!!!! Follwed by a snack : yummy snow! Pure white, untouched snow! We ate a lot and Kiki's mom was shocked! Once we got back to her house, we ate and then went upstairs, where kiki and I made a nature friendly drink! Juice flavored "snow cones"!!!!!! We took cups, opened the window and took some snow off the roof (which was close to the window) then we added some juice which turned out to be so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yummy yummy yummy!!!! Pictures of our drink will be on Kiki's post, once she get's to post it!