Saturday, November 14, 2009


on halloween, i went over to kiki's house! Boy did we have fun!!!! it was a day of spying on a couple of dudes who were in kiki's alley fooling around by another neighbor's porta potty... We spied on them for a while, which may seem weird......, and didnt really solve anything. By dressing up as insane 80's ladies wih extreme wigs and weird monster hands, we went around her blog to trick or treat.... we didnt go to a million houses...having others thing planned as well...Once it got very dark,,,, which it kinda did quickly, we went around the neigborhood and started following the dudes, but it turned out that they may have been following us. That was weird, but after a while they disappearead somewhere....SPOOKY...actually they just went to on a different street. Trying to be the natural comedians we already were (funny right?) me and kiki, or kiki and I, (however you wanna say it) went on kiki's steps/front porch we tried out best to act very still dressed up as dolls/ manicans, having kiki hold the candy bowl and scare some innocent trick or treaters. If you watch America's funniest home videos, you could see how this should really be done! But unfortunately we giggled and moved to much so people knew what was going on...oh mannn..... Halloween was also a day of scary stories. Kiki held her hands under a flashlight, nothing peculiar, then i did, and on my hands was a weird looking "y" which seemed creepy. I thought i was possesed for a second (i watch too many sci fi movies!). Me and kiki got pretty scared, but it turened out that it was just my weird lookin' vein. I have to add that all that commotion and scary story telling, made me get the feeling that someone was by us (we had a blanket over us and couldnt see anything!) But there was no one there! Let's see...anything else...oh yah! Kiki kept on scaring her brother when he was on the computer by grabbing him on the shoulders with disgusting fake monster hands! haha! that was funny! And everytime kiki did that he jumped.....every time! it was one of the best days ever!!!!!!

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