Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Water Fight at Kiki's House!!!!!

Ok....hilarious new story! ok so there was a block party at Kiki's block, and i came over. At first we were helping out with the games for the kids then a neightbor of kiki's came over. He was Karol's friend. His name was Chris....and i had a crush on him. It resulted in telling kiki im crazy over him. she couldnt belive me but it was loooove..... lol. I also almost got run over by a person on a bike because i wasnt paying attention at all! that was embarrasing becasue it was right in front of him. My face was prbably like a distorted pumpkin....oh well. so he saw me...Ok so after i announced that i was in love, we followed them to the backyard. (very stalkerish right?) We had an inventory of water ballons from kiki's friends and wanted to use them to our advantage, well kiki started throwing them at her brother karol, who was playing a game of ping pong with chris, but they rarely popped. So then in a desperate atempt to catch his attention, she had a water botltle...guess what she did....u guessed.....she threw water at him and it was officially WAR!!! he went home to get his inventory of water guns. With the help of kiki's dad we got the water guns too! we also had a whole bucket of water which we poured at them too. then the war of water started. It was a game of two on two. after getting soaked.....no drenched!! in water, we still kept going. Butt me and kiki has a very large advantage!!!! A GARDEN HOSE!!! They got SOAKED! like seriously, it was hilarious though. This all occured in the alley. (must i add that we got the neigbbors car extremely wet too. Everything looked like a horrible rain storm had occured. sonce we were in the alley we forgot one very important thing!!!The thingie that turns the water on and off for the hose was in front of the house. we were on the other side. Then karol went away, and guess what , we were too preoccupied with getting chris soaked that we didnt think this was important. so guess what karol did!!!!! he turned off the water, leaving us only our wits and water guns to help us breakthrough. we went back into the backyard (somehow! it all happened so fast) and had a bucket of water. i took the bucket and quickly (like a ninja) went to chris and poured all that water on him. kiki's mom was watching and she was laughing. he llooked like a wet rat!!!!!! it was hilarious. i was laughing so hard with kiki, so me and kiki continued the war. i forgot who won but it was soo much fun! i also forgot to add that when carol and chris went to "reload" their water guns at his house, kiki made me hind behind a garbage can (which was horrible to be by, i smelled dead fish mixed with other disgusting stuff) so it was a lot of fun. then it was nightime and karol and chris and kiki's cousin went to take a walk somewhere and we followed them after a while. we were hiding behind trees and trying to take pictures. we purposely ran into them a few times which was hilarious....well thats just about all i can say right now........hope u enjoyed!!!!! ooppps. liitle error ....his name is actually spelled kris!

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