Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Funny little story to tell......the case of the fake burglar and crazy mind

Ok, everyone.......one day me and kiki, met up at my apartment. my parents went shopping for a while and my mom left me her cell phone. We were playing A James Bond game and we started to hear noises, obviosly sspicios. me and kiki went to my mom and dad's bedroom and saw a mexican (no offense to anyone) from he window on the sidewalk. he was by the little window or vent things that came from the basement. and belive it or not, it looked as if he was trying to rob the place. well i mean come on he was using his feet and kicking at it. so i call my dad and tell him. we videotaped the thing but it turned out to be a maintenance guy repairing stuff, well at least we were careful about it! lol! it was pretty funny though, we were like mini detectives. we sure had a great laugh about it. i hope that happens again, but i hope we wont be so positive that it really was a burglar. lol........


  1. hahahah. That's hilarious! I bet it gave you a bit of a startle when you first saw the man.
    When people would come to the door when my parents weren't home, I usually hid and hoped that they didn't know I was there. I didn't breath until they left!

  2. yah, we were definetly scared....i mean me and kiki were ready to kill someone...so yah we had a good laugh!